a little about me…

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”~Ansel Adams


Raja Ramachandran

Well, since you have stumbled into my site here at lightonlens.com, I will share a few things about myself. This is my personal photo blogging site. I post most of my pictures and stories about those beautiful moments out here.

I’m an eCommerce Architect and have worked with some big named brands in eCommerce today. However this site is dedicated to my other passion, photography. Here you will find pictures that inspired me, pictures of my family and friends, and all the experiments that I do with a camera.

I’m also an avid Xbox Gamer. If I’m not responding to your emails, I’m most likely fragging some noobs in a Halo match or exploring new worlds in Skyrim.

In the real world, I have beautiful wife and a boy, whose pictures are pretty much filling up my albums. I enjoy every moment with my camera and would like to take you along in this journey.

Send me an email, comment or suggestions on my pictures and post. I would love to work on any photography projects – Senior, Headshots, Portraiture, Model Catalog ets, that you may have. Feel free to contact me and we can work out something.