This is my first blog post in a long time.

I have been reading about artificial studio lighting and got inspired to try it at home. In a professional studio you are likely to see these 3 lightings.

  • Main or the Key light

    As the name suggests, its the main light, usually set at 45 deg to the subject and camera

  • Flood light

    This is the front light to add light to some shadow areas and is set next to the camera. Usually its 1/3rd intensity of the main light.

  • Back Light

    This is a luxury. If you have it, use it. This lighting is focussed on the background and help distinguishing the subject and the backdrop.

The Studio

Thanks to this blog post for DIY tips on building your own table top photo studio.

Step 1

Find a cardboard box and cut the sections on 3 sides.

Step 2

Find a material that can diffuse light. In my case, I got a self adhesive table cloth. Its not as translucent as I wanted it but worked.

The Pictures

All these pictures are rendered as-is with no digital processing except for the B&W picture at the end of this post.

Camera 1

With Main at 45 deg and front-top lighting.

Camera 2

With Main at 90 deg and front-top lighting.I personally like this lighting setup.

Camera 3

With just the main light at 45 deg.

Here is the black and white version of the image that I like the most.

Let me know which lighting setup works for you. I will follow up this with pictures of a watch under similar lighting conditions.

Update: Published a follow-up on this post with Avengers.